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A Letter to Ecological Tea Plantations

by Renco Verhoef |

Ecological Tea

Destiny plays tricks.

If we are destined to meet, we will.

We expect you on Teazaar,

our Arcadian tea plantation platform. 


With the same aspiration and firm belief of the natural power of tea, a group of ecological tea lovers founded Teazaar. It will tell a story of you and me and ecological tea.

Teazaar is an idiosyncratic platform that deals with ecological tea and combines transparent tea trade with tea culture communication, providing pure ecological tea to shops, gourmets and tea lovers.


Let our roads get crossed in Destiny’s hand.

Teazaar will be the guide. 


Ecological tea makes a fresh start, poses a new challenge and presents a distinctive tea world. Despite the difficulties we will meet in this new undertaking, we are convinced that obstacles will be uprooted, the ecological tea plants and our natural homeland be protected while a win-win situation between tea gourmets, shops and plantations maintained.


 Teazaar will make a contribution to the giant tea business.

Ecological tea plantation is the basis of our business and we aim at pure natural tea. Joining us means extensive sales channels and new convictions. Through this platform, not only can a natural concept be conveyed, but sales income can also be increased due to reduced transportation cost. Direct feedback and comments from consumers are available and you can communicate with tea shops or people in this industry directly.


Join us and let’s forge ahead together.

No matter where you are, please contact us if you are willing to fight together with us and you meet following simple requirements.

  • You have an ecological tea plantation.
  • You have ecological tea leaves.
  • You embrace a heart that loves tea.
  • You trust us. 


 Teazaar is not the business of one person, one company or one single brand. It’s a connection between you and ecological tea. This platform provides an alternative option for you: a transparent tea world, fair trade, and ecological tea products. All the tea farmers lovers and tea lovers are gathered in this community. It is community members who decide what good tea is and which tea plantations and can join in to provide tea products.

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