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A Simple Secret - Our Sustainable Tieguanyin Story

by Renco Verhoef |

  All teas are gifts from nature; natural and healthy
I am Teamaster Lin and I welcome you to Tiansheng natural Tieguanyin tea garden. 

Home of Tieguanyin

My tea garden is located in the town of Jiandou, in the Fujian city of Anxi, birthplace of the most famous Oolong tea - Tieguanyin. The climate and geographical conditions here are perfect for growing Tieguanyin where the average temperature is 22C and the elevation of our tea garden is around 500m above sea level. The amount of rainfall is also sufficient and the biodiversity of the surrounding environment allows for a natural management of plant life without the use of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides.


Sustainable Growing

It has been a difficult journey over the years. As with most tea growers, we have seen our share of ups and downs. Since 2010, the market for Tieguanyin became increasingly challenging. The passion for cultivating great teas diminished, replaced instead with the pursuit of production to increase profits. 

I realized though that this was a downward spiral that would lead to the detriment of our growing environment. The quality of the raw materials influences the taste of the tea and I decided that this was more important than making tea for the sole purpose of money. I decided to start growing my Tieguanyin in a completely natural way to keep the environment healthy. This was not easy to control at first without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Growth was slow and it was such an effort to keep pests away. I became the laughing stock of the village but I persevered.`


A Simple Secret

The situation improved gradually and now in my fifth year, my tea garden has stabilized. Harvest is increasing and I start to sell more teas. Nature shows us the way as the cycle comes full circle. The others stopped laughing and now start asking me to teach them this sustainable way of tea management. My perseverance and faith in the natural way of tea farming has paid off. The tea trees need time to grow till they are strong enough to take care of themselves. We tend to the grass when it grows too high. Bigger tea bushes with well maintained grass will have little need for weed control. I am fortunate that my tea garden is surrounded by a forest and I know that the health of the tea trees depend on this symbiotic and natural ecosystem in the natural environment.


Teazaar and the future

In the autumn of 2017, Teazaar discovered my tea garden and I was more than happy to share with them our story. They arranged to visit us and invited me to join the Teazaar platform. I like to think that both Teazaar's and our Tiansheng Tieguanyin story share the same belief of natural teas and the desire to share this with the world. Therefore I decided to partner with Teazaar and make our Tieguanyin available on the Teazaar platform.

During spring and autumn, most of the work is done by me and my wife, therefore I do not have a lot of costs. We work everyday in our tea garden, from morning till afternoon when we head back home and start processing the tea leaves. We are very happy that we are able to work in a natural environment and drink healthy tea. It is our hope that you enjoy this wonderful tea experience and make it a point to support natural tea farming for people like me so that we may continue to grow delicious, healthy teas!

Tea Master Lin Jinta

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