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Teazaar: The Modern Caravan For Biodiverse Tea

by Renco Verhoef |

Biodiverse tea - 114 B.C., a caravan struggles through the desert. Through extreme drought, burning sands by day, and freezing cold nights, traders take on the journey. This time, not only spices and silk on the backs of their camels. This time, something else too that would change the course of history and influence cultures all over the world.

This 7000km journey placed the Silk Road as the single most important route bridging the Asian and Mediterranean worlds on a commercial and spiritual level where not only goods and crafts were exchanged, but also ideas and knowledge.

Tea caravan

Industrial Development

Tea moves along its own pace. It balances along the four seasons, the sun and the moon. No matter how fast the rest of the world goes, tea keeps its gentle rhythm.

Tea grows in its own innate way, in this part of the world, there are still places where it is cultivated and prepared following ancient traditions without being affected by technologies from the outside world.

The times of the camels and the caravans are gone. But Tea is seeing a surge in the Western world in its ritualistic and traditional forms. The time has arrived to look beyond the packaging and address the contemporary threats that have come about with the industrial age.

Biodiverse Tea: A Tea Dream 

Renco, a blue-eyed and golden-haired international man has been on a wholehearted search for an ideal land to enjoy the perfect biodiverse tea, bearing no chemicals or fertilizers. Immersed in pictures of the tanned wheat faces of growers at the ancient tea workshops, drawing in tea fragrances, green tea plots and foggy valleys, glittering and translucent elixir, he excitedly told me that this was exactly what he had been looking for.


Teazaar Is The Modern Caravan 

Renco's vision revolves around a Social Tea Network that transcends the cyber-world. It's about tea lovers, tea shops, and sustainable and biodiverse tea farmers around the world getting together on our forums to exchange, share ideas, knowledge, all the while benefiting from an online market place for direct Field-To-Cup purchases in full transparency. Yes, Teazaar is a platform set up with this mission so anyone can taste the fresh sustainable tea baked by tea growers on another corner of the earth.

Natural tea farming

Sailing Tea for Sustainability

How unimaginable is it that Westerners had to wait thousands of days and nights to take a sip of tea from the Eastern world in 2nd Century B.C.? Today we have different means, fast roads and industrial power. Yet Teazaar brings it back to sustainability. We tend to think that sustainable living isn't practical, that it is more costly, or takes a lot more time. In essence, with the right partners and means, it simply isn't true. Regular cargo would take about 20 days to complete the trip. A sail boat could do it in just a few more days.

At Teazaar, we embrace the caravan concept right down to how we transport tea from biodiverse tea farms to tea shops and tea lovers. We take sail from China to Western ports (Seattle, Vancouver) under the Maritime Silk Road and various Sustainability Initiatives set forth in China. Sail boats operating on fallback solar / wind batteries to also keep the tea cool during the trip are currently in talks. We are looking into government subsidies, fleet, and crew to help us turn this vision into a reality!

Natural tea

We Are The World of Tea

Every member of the Teazaar company, every grower of sustainable and biodiverse tea, every tea shop owner and every tea lover can unite. We have a dream in which Teazaar is like a blast of wind. Blowing the seeds of tea from biodiverse tea farms to the rest of the world where they can take root and sprout in the soil of foreign lands.

Growing our community and exchanging is at the forefront. Come and join us. Register as a tea lover, a tea shop, or a tea grower to connect strongly with people who share the same passion!

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