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Tea gardens in the sky

by Renco Verhoef |

Tea gardens

Intuition can lead you to the right place

When you do a job for many years,

you start to have experience.

When you do the same work for more than a decade,

you start to follow your intuition. 

You don’t think consciously about all the steps you take anymore.

This is what Zhuangzi means with not doing,

acting becomes effortless.

Mount Fanjing Guizhou

Teazaar is all about finding natural tea because we want tea drinkers to experience really good and completely natural tea from biodiverse tea gardens. To aid us in our mission of a completely sustainable tea world, we need to seek out those small tea farms that are not recognized as tea gardens. Unlike the numerous rows of tea trees that dot the more established tea garden landscape, these small-scale tea growers have been nurturing their tea trees without the use of chemicals for decades. They let nature take its course and ensure the areas where their trees grow are part of a biodiverse environment that is complementing rather than dominating. They struggle to sell their teas as they have no brand, no certificates and no money to promote their organic teas.


Mount Fanjing Guizhou 

Let's take a trip

Over the last ten years, Teazaar has managed to find many of these small tea gardens and tea growers, and in doing so we have gained valuable experience and intuition in selecting tea areas to visit. For two years, we felt the need to visit Guizhou and had the feeling that tea growers in Guizhou not only had wonderful tea but that they also needed some help with promoting their teas. One day, we decided to go and so we set off on a tea adventure, driving from Jiangxi to Guizhou – a two day trip. The route to our destination tells you that we were headed in the right direction as the mountains rise ever higher, the forests become increasingly denser, cities start getting smaller and the cars.. well, we were the only car to be seen.

Mount Fanjing Guizhou



The dream place for natural tea – Mount Fanjing

There is another story related to this trip – every person who loves nature and tea has a dream to own a tea farm; to build a biodiverse tea garden, to grow and process the best tea to share with the world... Still dreaming, still dreaming but I always had my eyes on the Solomon Islands although I did always end up on a huge unknown mountain that seems slightly intimidating on Google maps.


Tea Garden in the sky 

Mount Fanjing Guizhou










Mount Fanjing – this temple in the sky should instead be a tea farm in the sky! Mount Fanjing is a nature reserve though and it is not possible to plant any tea tree there. It would be however, the natural protector of any tea garden planted just below (nature reserves are often the highest points of mountainous areas). The tea farms in this area could indeed grow some of China’s best and completely natural teas!


The Wen Brothers

We climbed all the way to the top of Mount Fanjing and there they were –the biodiverse tea farms we were hoping to find: on the south side there is the Yinjiang Tea Farm of the Wen Brothers growing Maojian and Maofeng green teas.  On the western side of the mountain we found the Zheng An tea farm owned by Mr Xiong and his son growing a Baicha green tea. Last but not least, on the north (Chongqing) side of the mountain, we found an old tea farm managed by Tea Master Wang, growing Chongqing black tea.

It was indeed an adventure and one that reaped the rewards of locating natural and healthy tea, growing in a remote tea gardens in paradise and in a biodiverse environment. We couldn't have asked for more on this trip.

Mount Fanjing Guizhou

Mount Fanjing teas at Teazaar

With the promotion of these tea gardens on Teazaar, we hope to be able to help support the Tea Masters to continue making wonderful natural teas. Our goal for this area is to find the perfect location for a tea demo site close to Mount Fanjing where we can host a collection of teas from the natural tea gardens grown here. With many suitable areas around, and all protected by this wonderment of nature rising high to the heavens, I may yet call this my own Solomon Island..

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