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The conscious tea drinker

by Renco Verhoef |

It’s an age of the conscious tea consumer. 

Conscious Tea

Today every purchase you make is guided by value-based judgments. You want to be sure that whatever you consume is authentic, manufactured ethically and doesn’t have an adverse impact on the world.

Knowing this, one of the foundations on which Teazaar was built on is transparency. This is the right time to talk about the tea market, transparency and sustainability.

With almost a decade in the business of sourcing fine quality, sustainable, conscious tea, we know how the industry is impacting the world we live in and wanted to explain our role in the bigger scheme of things.

But above all else, we know that our daily decisions do make a difference.

The consciousness of environmental threat

To prepare for the stresses of the day, we need our morning cup of tea. A refreshing reminder of nature’s many gifts, tea is indeed essential in our lives.

But while it may seem straightforward, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes of your daily cup of tea. 

Tea plantations are changing the face of many economies across the world, but they are also contributing to climate change, aggravating labor issues, accelerating deforestation and creating water shortages.

Unless you are not concerned about the origin of your tea, then things are going to be simple for you. You will find your favorite blend at the right price and enjoy a nice cup of tea whenever you want.

But our world is changing – every day scientists and environmentalists are tracking bigger storms; long-lasting droughts and it has never been warmer than it is now.

Nature is out of balance and it's leading to drastic extremes. It’s time to act.

Teazaar has never been about the money– it's about bringing you the perfect and natural conscious tea while continuously striving towards a sustainable and eco-friendly tea world. And to achieve our mission, we are focusing on giving the tea world the right tools to ensure at least 10% of the tea produced is through sustainable means.

Becoming the “change” we want to see

Consider the following questions:

  1. Do we know what is the origin of the tea we enjoy, or do we only know the brand?
  2. Who picked our tea and were they properly rewarded for this? Did they have to work with dangerous chemicals? Were the working conditions humane?
  3. Who processed our tea once it was picked from the plantation? Was it an experienced tea master?
  4. From which area of the tea garden are the leaves picked?
  5. Who was the owner of the tea plantation?
  6. How can we guarantee that the leaves are not from another area?

This list of questions we should be asking goes on…

Chances are that you might have never thought about these questions before. Millions of tea aficionados never think about these when they enjoy their first cup of tea. We like to focus on the sweetness, the flavor or the warm fuzzy feeling between the palm of our hands when we hold a fresh cup of tea.

But these questions are important.

So, when we talk about being sustainability and eco-friendliness, we want to be as transparent as we can be.

To ensure we offer topmost quality when it comes to tea, our first step is to monitor every single step of sourcing and selling tea. And to do this, we need to get every step clear and transparent.

Only then, your purchase decisions will lead to more natural and conscious tea.

And we are not stopping here. At Teazaar we believe in trust and transparency. Being a community of tea lovers that believe in sustainable and conscious tea, we are already equipped with the tools to get the job done.

What do we mean by this?

Since we are a platform that brings together both buyers and sellers together, we can easily do incredible things together. When a tea grower pretends to sell good quality tea yet sells poor ones, we can identify them and remove them from our platform.

Similarly, when a tea shop claims to sell Teazaar teas but sells substandard ones, then this tea shop will be blacklisted and will not be able to cooperate with Teazaar tea farms anymore.

Working together for greater impact

Together, we are going to decide who is going to be on Teazaar's side to ensure it’s a community of trustworthy growers and shops, making a good living and minimizing the environmental impact of the tea industry.

By partnering together to change the world of tea, we can achieve almost everything.

Together, we will taste teas, visit tea gardens and talk to other stakeholders in the industry and find out if there is anything we can all help with.

In fact, if you want to visit a tea farm, we can arrange a visit for you! Not only will Teazaar connect you with one of our conscious tea farms but Renco will go with you and translate so that you can have insightful conversations with those working on the plantations. It’s time for the concscious tea world to become accessible for everyone.

We can also reach out to tea pickers and learn about their working conditions and the problems that they face. Evaluate how tea plantations are affecting the local environment they are in and find ways to reduce that impact.

The more we engage with others involved in the tea world, the better we will be making it. In the end, the knowledge we gather on Teazaar community will not only make us secure but will also help us in driving the change we want to see.

Here’s an example where we want you to help us with:  

Tea farms are organized in different levels. Each level has its own unique role to play in growing conscious tea. And each one is leading to a different outcome. For instance:

  • The owner of the land organizing harvest and process
  • The tea pickers organizing the land (paying the landowner for picking the tea leaves) and organizing a tea master to process the leaves
  • The tea master organizing buying the tea leaves from tea pickers (who paid the landowner) and processing the tea
  • A village group, who owns the land, and if picking, pressing, and selling is all organized by the villagers themselves
  • A professional tea factory buying good quality tea leaves from the area, processing these leaves and selling the tea
  • The tea estate, where land ownership, tea picking, tea processing, and selling is organized by one company

The challenge here is that we don’t know whether the owner is giving the tea pickers proper wages and ideal working conditions. Meanwhile, we also don’t know how the tea is going to taste like or worse, whether anyone at any level is concerned with our mission of natural, sustainable and conscious tea.

So please let us know what your preferences are and join us in tasting teas from all the farms selling through Teazaar. And if you are interested in reviewing our teas, please send us an email. We will create a selection of samples for you to review.

It’s time we all come together to understand how the tea industry works, make it as transparent as it can be so that we can become a force of good for our planet.

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