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Mount Fanjing Green Tea
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Mount Fanjing Green Tea
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Mount Fanjing Maojian | Green Tea


Mount Fanjing Maojian

A great high mountain tea (above 1000 meter). Highest grade Mount Fanjing Maojian green tea. We only process spring tea, handpick all teas and process the teas ourselves.



Harvest time:

Order your tea when it's fresh. Green tea, white tea, black tea and yellow tea re picked in spring, when you order in April/May you'll have the fresh tea. We'll write down in the details in which year and at what time the tea was harvested. Light oolongs and Dancong oolongs will be available at the start of May and Wuyi Oolongs around July. If you buy Puehr tea, then buy aged puerh teas or fresh puerh with suitable for drinking directly. 


If you're not familiar with natural teas, then we suggest you to order a number of varieties first. However, when you have some favorites, then we suggest you to buy the amount for a whole year. If you're not a very heavy tea drinker, then around 250gram of tea of 2 or 3 teas will be enough for a whole year. If you order for at least 100usd, we can ship by express, which will be fast. Fresh tea is the best, therefore we recommend to order at least 100usd per time. 


When you make a purchase on Teazaar, the tea will be shipped from the tea farm. Most of the tea shipments will go through our Xiamen or Hong Kong office, but big shipments will go directly to you. Wherever you are in the world. 

Our shipping costs are 20usd (or equivalent in other currencies) per order. All flat rate. All products are shipped from tea growers in Asia, therefore we suggest you buy a number of teas or a slightly bigger volume per time. 

Shipments can be traced and take between 5 to 15 days till they arrive. We will send you an invoice and the price will also be written on the package. If your country requires import fees or other taxes, then you're responsible for this. 

Once shipped, we will send you an email or sms with the tracking code. 

Mount Fanjing Green Tea

Mount Fanjing Maojian | Green Tea


Mount Fanjing Tea Farm

Mount Fanjing is one of the most special and remote mountains China has to offer. This 2500 meter high mountain is an inspiration for anyone dreaming about the future of tea. A tea farm on top of this wonderful mountain!

Due to the high altitude, most of the areas have a yellow, stone soil, with some red soil in the valleys. Actually, most of the areas are not very suitable for tea growing, due to these circumstances. The surrounding area needs to eb a forest, the top of the mountain needs to have many trees, the soil needs to be slightly red or black and there need to be often mist in the mornings. The pH-value of the soil is 4.0 to 5.0, the annual rainfall around 1000mm on average (another sign that not all areas are suitable for tea growing), the average temperate is 16.8 degrees Celsius and the biggest river is called the Yin River (a wonderful river passing by many old river side villages.

The beauty of biodiverse tea farming is that it improves the environment, leading to more and more natural Guizhou teas.

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Tea Master Wen

Plucking time: Before Qingming for the highest grade (Maojian) and around Guyu (Middle of April) for the second grade (Maofeng). Plucking standards: One bud and one bud with one leaf All processing is done by hand, with the help of machines. This means that the quality after every single step its judged by the Wen Brothers, before they continue with the next processing step. The whole process includes seven steps:Withering—Fixing—Rolling—Drying/shaping—Frying—Fixing—Baking (to improve the fragrance) Dry tea: Dark green color in a curly tide shape, clear silvery, white hairs Tea soup/liquid color: Light green and bright Tea taste: Fresh and sweet Tea fragrance: Flowery with chestnut fragrance Tea leaves after brewing: Yellow green and bright, uniform
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Maofeng Green Tea

The difference with the first grade is the picking time: One before the Qingming festival and the second one after Qingming (4th of April), just around the Guyu festival. Both are suitable for drinking all day. This is one of the few natural Guizhou green teas available, probably the only grown nearby the Fanjing Mountain. The cultivar is not a local variety, but the Dabaicha variety, original from Fujian, planted around 2009. When you buy this tea, you'll support more Guizhou tea growers to follow the natural tea farming approach of the Wen brothers.
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Steeping Instructions

Boil water till cooking temperature, then wait for about five minutes. Get a glass and pre-heat this glass with the water, then put 3-5 gram tea into the preheated glass. Enjoy the fragrance, then rinse the leaves with a small amount of water. Enjoy the fragrance again, then fill up the glass with the water, wait for about one minute and enjoy your cup of fresh green tea. Keep adding water for a bout 5 times till the tea will lose it's fragrance (only the taste of the water will remain.

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Changing the world of tea

Order Teazaar tea and contribute to changing the world of tea. Drink natural tea while changing the world. Good tea is a combination of a natural, biodiverse environment and experienced tea masters. 


A tea tree cannot survive alone and needs other trees, flowers, even animals to survive. Biodiversity makes an ecosystem resilient.


Any tea farm on teazaar is selected based on our standard for sustainable tea. Only when all tea drinkers drink natural tea, the tea world will be sustainable.

Fair trade

When we buy natural tea, directly from biodiverse tea farms, the tea world will be fair. At that time we don't need licenses anymore. Money will be paid for quality only.