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Natural environment, healthy tea

Drink Natural Tea While Changing The World of Tea


We do not compromise on quality. Only completely natural tea is acceptable. Why? Because we know that natural tea benefits the environment and a healthy environment benefits our health. 

Over the years though, a number of issues made us to compromise:

1. Tea packaging

We thought that the best teas in plain, uninviting packaging would be enough. We tried this for many years, without much success. An average tea in a beautiful packaging sells better than the other way around. This is why we chose a new concept of perfect: Best tea, best packaging, best service. 

Teazaar's future solution: All biodegradable packaging and ink. This can be wooden and porcelain packaging too. 

2. Marketing

Tea drinkers often do not see the difference between a marketing story and a real dream. I always thought that when you have the best teas and tell people your dream, they will come to you. We found that people don't find you when you don't spend time and money on positioning your story. 

Teazaar's sustainable solution: 1. Provide transparency: Anyone is welcome to visit the tea farms and meet the tea masters. 2. Time: We understand that it needs time for tea drinkers to trust the Teazaar vision and believe that it's not 'just another marketing story'. 

3. Sustainable shipping 

We have been researching sail boats; one time per year shipments with local pickup points, pre-orders before the harvest and much more. But, in order to accomplish all this, huge investments are required. This will only be possible when a major part of tea drinkers decide to drink only natural tea. 

Teazaar's solution: Time (Wait). I can see that the world is changing in the right direction. Boats, planes, drones, one day will be able to go around the world with only the use of wind and solar power. Now wouldn't that be something! 

4. The use of machines to process tea 

It would be great if the tea we drink comes from millions of small tea farms, where all tea is picked by hand and processed manually but then a debate is necessary about what really hand-processed is. These days there are always some small machines involved, still only producing some hundreds of kilos per year. When we focus on this, the prices of tea will be so high, that tea simply cannot be drunk by everyone.

Teazaar's solution: First focus on completely natural tea. We focus on great quality and note down with every tea if they are machine produced. When they use only machines, we ask them to hand-process a small batch per year, in order not to lose this this amazing skill. 

5. No direct access to tea farms 

Unfortunately, when everyone can find the tea farms, other companies will contact them to buy tea from them directly. Moreover, they ask them to produce bigger quantities with lower costs. They can make a profit, use the Teazaar good name, but all the Teazaar work is done for nothing. These tea farmers lose their trust, because they think the Teazaar team introduced these companies to them.

Teazaar's solution. Only be partly transparent: Other companies have no access to Teazaar tea farms, cannot contact them unless they are devoted to natural tea. 

6. Selling to tea shops only

Unfortunately, not many businesses are willing to convince tea drinkers to drink only natural tea, they are not willing to help the environment. This is because most tea drinkers don't normally ask for natural teas and therefore most tea business can't easily sell them. Teazaar can do this, because we don't care about short time profit, we focus on a sustainable solution. This is the reason why we decided to take this first step, we will tell the story of natural tea and sell to end-users directly. Once people are aware of where the tea is from, tea drinkers will start asking local businesses about natural tea. At that tat, everyone benefits, especially the environment. 

Please send me an email through the contact page if you'd like to discuss these compromises or in case I forgot one. 

Natural Tea is Healthy Tea

We are convinced that the only healthy tea is a natural tea. 

We often see advertisement about healthy green tea, healthy white tea, puerh tea, etc. But, when this tea is not from a natural tea farm, it just cannot be healthy. What you're drinking is a product grown with chemicals from depleted soil and polluted water. 

We are not doctors, but we don't see any reason to drink tea from unhealthy, not natural tea farms. This is what Teazaar tries to change. 

All Tea Areas

Artisan Tea

When passionate tea masters hand-process your tea, every single batch of tea will be unique. The end-result depend on so many factors, that only experienced tea masters can manage them. On Teazaar, you'll find these tea masters and you can ask them any question about the tea they made for you. It goes without saying, that the leaves they process are from natural tea farms.

These days, most of the teas we drink are processed in factories. The more we buy tea from tea masters, the more unique teas we'll find. On the long run, more young people will study how to make good tea, and don't need to work in factories anymore.

All Tea Masters

Healthy Soil

Nothing grows without a healthy soil. A tea farmer just needs to take care that the soil is in optimal condition, then the tea will grow themselves. The Teazaar team visits all these tea farms and takes care that the grower does a good job. 

Unfortunately, many tea farms don't have a healthy soil. Moreover, this issue is solved with adding chemical fertilizers. When this causes pests, then the problem is solved with other chemicals.

Teazaar stays far away from these tea farms. We believe that when tea from healthy tea farms sells best, then all tea farms will slowly turn into healthy ones.

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Change The World Of Tea

When you drink natural tea, you support a healthy environment. The more we choose tea from biodiverse tea growers, the more growers will follow their approach. 

Our Mission