Raindrops Gaiwan - Blue and White Style (Qinghua) Raindrops Gaiwan - Blue and White Style (Qinghua) Teazaar | Natural Environment, Healthy Tea

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Raindrops Gaiwan
Raindrops Gaiwan - Blue and White Style (Qinghua)
Raindrops Gaiwan - Blue and White Style (Qinghua)
Raindrops Gaiwan - Blue and White Style (Qinghua)
Raindrops Gaiwan - Blue and White Style (Qinghua)

Teazaar Porcelain

Raindrops Gaiwan - Blue and White Style (Qinghua)


Handmade porcelain raindrops gaiwan, underglaze Blue and White (Qinghua) style. Raindrops falling from the roof.

Raindrops Gaiwan

Dimensions: 10cm X 10cm (diameter)
Capacity: 185ml


Harvest time:

Order your tea when it's fresh. Green tea, white tea, black tea and yellow tea re picked in spring, when you order in April/May you'll have the fresh tea. We'll write down in the details in which year and at what time the tea was harvested. Light oolongs and Dancong oolongs will be available at the start of May and Wuyi Oolongs around July. If you buy Puehr tea, then buy aged puerh teas or fresh puerh with suitable for drinking directly. 


If you're not familiar with natural teas, then we suggest you to order a number of varieties first. However, when you have some favorites, then we suggest you to buy the amount for a whole year. If you're not a very heavy tea drinker, then around 250gram of tea of 2 or 3 teas will be enough for a whole year. If you order for at least 100usd, we can ship by express, which will be fast. Fresh tea is the best, therefore we recommend to order at least 100usd per time. 


When you make a purchase on Teazaar, the tea will be shipped from the tea farm. Most of the tea shipments will go through our Xiamen or Hong Kong office, but big shipments will go directly to you. Wherever you are in the world. 

Our shipping costs are 20usd (or equivalent in other currencies) per order. All flat rate. All products are shipped from tea growers in Asia, therefore we suggest you buy a number of teas or a slightly bigger volume per time. 

Shipments can be traced and take between 5 to 15 days till they arrive. We will send you an invoice and the price will also be written on the package. If your country requires import fees or other taxes, then you're responsible for this. 

Once shipped, we will send you an email or sms with the tracking code. 

Raindrops Gaiwan

Raindrops Gaiwan - Blue and White Style (Qinghua)



All handmade porcelain is produced by local artists in Jingdezhen. When you order this handmade teaware, we will ship by express and will buy the insurance. We will take care that the porcelain is packed well. Please open the package upon arrival. In the case the teaware arrives damaged, please send us a picture of the damaged goods and we will refund the complete amount.

Note that we ship porcelain and natural tea sometimes with different shipping companies, they could be delivered at different dates.

This porcelain is a product you will keep forever, the colors of the underglaze products will never fade. However, it could happen that you'll damage the products when you use them. If this happens, please send us a picture of the damaged goods and we'll give you a big discount and try to replace it with the exact same items.

All Porcelain Tea-ware

Porcelain Artists

The various kinds of porcelain which Jingdezhen´s local artists produce are simply wonderful and very special. However, many tea drinkers face difficulties to find this high-quality teaware. Just holding and looking at this finest porcelain makes you realize how special this product is. Then, when you start using it for steeping your tea, you realize that the cover of the Gaiwan fits just perfect, that no leaves get out, only the tea you like to drink, there is no need for a sieve! If you often burn your fingers while steeping your tea, it is because the quality of the porcelain you're using is not good enough. With handmade porcelain, you won't burn your fingers.

The craftsmanship of a very experienced porcelain artist will take care of this. A machine can't do this, the same logic as a good tea needing an experienced tea master.

All Porcelain Tea-ware

Preserve History

On the picture left you see an old harbor town called Dongbu, located just down the Gaoling mountain, around 40 kilometers away from Jingdezhen. This is the place where the first Kaolin was found, carried down the mountain and shipped in small boats to Jingdezhen.

We are familiar with the porcelain capital and slightly sad about recent developments. Unfortunately, machines replace human skills and therefore generations of experience get lost, just overnight. Porcelain is made in factories and these factories compete on price since it’s too hard for them to produce unique products.

Thus, we find the last artists in town, ask them to make porcelain according to their ideas and skills and we help them sell it. Just to create a situation where artists can focus on making art again, making the products they like the most. We, Teazaar, will do what we can to sell these unique pieces of artistic teaware.

We don’t sell goods, we promote the culture and the history of this city. To protect the traditional methods in producing porcelain and skills.

All Porcelain Tea-ware

Why handmade porcelain

Tea wares from the local craftsmen and artists in Jingdezhen, sold by Teazaar, are considered the best you can find in the world. For us, any teaware worth appreciation shows the following properties: beautiful, unique designs; the design and quality protects you from burning your fingers when you use boiling hot water; when steeping tea, you won’t need a sieve, the cover and bowl fit perfectly into each other; the porcelain won’t stain, you can always wash it clean again; the design and used colors enhance the tea tasting experience (e.g. tea should be enhanced by white color inside of the cup.

Not only will the tea taste better, moreover, you will also fall in love with the procedure to prepare a cup of natural tea. At the same time, you'll appreciate the beauty of every single piece of art you're using. The more you appreciate all this, the better the tea you prepare becomes. This is what Kungfu is about.

If you need advice about the perfect teaware style for your favorite tea, don't hesitate to send us a message.

Please enjoy, help nature, tea masters and porcelain artists. Warm regards, Renco

All Natural Tea

Changing the world of tea

Order Teazaar tea and contribute to changing the world of tea. Drink natural tea while changing the world. Good tea is a combination of a natural, biodiverse environment and experienced tea masters. 


A tea tree cannot survive alone and needs other trees, flowers, even animals to survive. Biodiversity makes an ecosystem resilient.


Any tea farm on teazaar is selected based on our standard for sustainable tea. Only when all tea drinkers drink natural tea, the tea world will be sustainable.

Fair trade

When we buy natural tea, directly from biodiverse tea farms, the tea world will be fair. At that time we don't need licenses anymore. Money will be paid for quality only.