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Da Hong Pao
Da Hong Pao Tea
Wuyishan Tea Farm
Da Hong Pao
Tea Master Zhou
Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea
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Oolong Tea
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Da Hong Pao

Tea master Zhou

Da Hong Pao | Oolong Tea


Da Hong Pao

The famous Da Hong Pao oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains in Fujian. This time not from the scenic area (although there are hardly Da Hong pro teas from there), but from the natural tea farm from tea master Zhou. 2019 variety!


Harvest time:

Order your tea when it's fresh. Green tea, white tea, black tea and yellow tea re picked in spring, when you order in April/May you'll have the fresh tea. We'll write down in the details in which year and at what time the tea was harvested. Light oolongs and Dancong oolongs will be available at the start of May and Wuyi Oolongs around July. If you buy Puehr tea, then buy aged puerh teas or fresh puerh with suitable for drinking directly. 


If you're not familiar with natural teas, then we suggest you to order a number of varieties first. However, when you have some favorites, then we suggest you to buy the amount for a whole year. If you're not a very heavy tea drinker, then around 250gram of tea of 2 or 3 teas will be enough for a whole year. If you order for at least 100usd, we can ship by express, which will be fast. Fresh tea is the best, therefore we recommend to order at least 100usd per time. 


When you make a purchase on Teazaar, the tea will be shipped from the tea farm. Most of the tea shipments will go through our Xiamen or Hong Kong office, but big shipments will go directly to you. Wherever you are in the world. 

Our shipping costs are 20usd (or equivalent in other currencies) per order. All flat rate. All products are shipped from tea growers in Asia, therefore we suggest you buy a number of teas or a slightly bigger volume per time. 

Shipments can be traced and take between 5 to 15 days till they arrive. We will send you an invoice and the price will also be written on the package. If your country requires import fees or other taxes, then you're responsible for this. 

Once shipped, we will send you an email or sms with the tracking code. 

Da Hong Pao

Da Hong Pao | Oolong Tea


Wuyishan Tea Farm

Wuyishan is a located in the north-west of of Fujian and famous for rock tea and black tea. The growing areas are roughly divided into an oolong area and a black tea area. The oolong area is originally the Wuyishan protected area, famous for its unique terroir, where the small tea gardens are located between big rocks. The black tea area is originally located in Tongmu, on the border with Jiangxi province, famous for the Lapsang Souchong and Jinjunmei teas. These days, basically all mountains in the surroundings of these areas are covered with tea gardens, leading to Wuyishan being one of the main tea producers of the country. Our natural teas are not from the protected area, therefore not called Zhengyan. We have a completely natural tea area, just outside the protected area. The Ph-value of is between 4 and 5.5, the soil is yellow with many rocks. The annual rainfall is 1900mm and the annual average temperature 18.3℃. The surrounding forest are a combination of broadleaf and pine forests.

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Tea Master Zhou

There is a saying in Wuyishan that it takes three and a half masters to make rock tea, one is for processing the leaves, one is for roasting, and the third one for matching. The other master (half) is needed for brewing the tea. Once picked, the leaves are withered and then withered on more time in the sun, then the leaves are bruised and oxidized for 18 to 20 hours. When the tea aroma is good, we continue with fixing, rolling, and roasting. After that, the next step will be executed half a month later. We first balance the moisture, then roast again. About another half a month later, the next step is baking with charcoal for 10 hours. And after another half a month there is a second round of charcoal baking more than 10 hours. After these procedures, the Wuyi Mountain Da Hong Pao tea is basically formed. Now you understand why the harvest season of the rock tea is almost the same as other teas, but the teas only become available during the summer.

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Dahongpao oolong Tea

This Da Hong Pao is a combination of the leaves from three different cultivars: The Shuixian, the Rougui and the Huangguanyin. Making Wuyi Mountain Da Hong Pao have strict standards of the raw material and plucking. We plucked three leaves with one bud, when all the leaves opened.

The result is a full fruity and buttery taste, with fruity notes. The tea soup is bright brown and orange. The aftertaste is sweet and you when you keep drinking this tea, you'll discover all kinds of notes coming out.

Dahongpao (big Red Robe) of the five masters. Natural Da Hong Pao from a biodiverse tea farm, processed by tea master Zhou. 

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Steeping Instructions

Drink this tea with a gaiwan or use a big tea pot. We suggest following the kungfu method while preparing the tea, with 7 gram tea and boiling hot water. If you prefer to use a tea pot, then use around 5 grams per infusion and wait for some minutes before you pour the tea in your cups. Don't forget to keep adding hot water till the tea start tasting like water. 5 gram of this tea should be enough for 2 liter tea.

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Changing the world of tea

Order Teazaar tea and contribute to changing the world of tea. Drink natural tea while changing the world. Good tea is a combination of a natural, biodiverse environment and experienced tea masters. 


A tea tree cannot survive alone and needs other trees, flowers, even animals to survive. Biodiversity makes an ecosystem resilient.


Any tea farm on teazaar is selected based on our standard for sustainable tea. Only when all tea drinkers drink natural tea, the tea world will be sustainable.

Fair trade

When we buy natural tea, directly from biodiverse tea farms, the tea world will be fair. At that time we don't need licenses anymore. Money will be paid for quality only.