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Tea Master Zhan

Wuyuan Black | Natural Black Leaf Tea


Wuyuan Black tea from our biodiverse tea mountain, unique in flavor and fragrance.

Wuyuan Black

The unique terroir can be recognized when drinking this tea. Handmade by tea masters Zhan (father and son). This Shuilan Black tea is the representative of Wuyuan Black tea.  


Harvest time:

Order your tea when it's fresh. Green tea, white tea, black tea and yellow tea re picked in spring, when you order in April/May you'll have the fresh tea. We'll write down in the details in which year and at what time the tea was harvested. Light oolongs and Dancong oolongs will be available at the start of May and Wuyi Oolongs around July. If you buy Puehr tea, then buy aged puerh teas or fresh puerh with suitable for drinking directly. 


If you're not familiar with natural teas, then we suggest you to order a number of varieties first. However, when you have some favorites, then we suggest you to buy the amount for a whole year. If you're not a very heavy tea drinker, then around 250gram of tea of 2 or 3 teas will be enough for a whole year. If you order for at least 100usd, we can ship by express, which will be fast. Fresh tea is the best, therefore we recommend to order at least 100usd per time. 


When you make a purchase on Teazaar, the tea will be shipped from the tea farm. Most of the tea shipments will go through our Xiamen or Hong Kong office, but big shipments will go directly to you. Wherever you are in the world. 

Our shipping costs are 20usd (or equivalent in other currencies) per order. All flat rate. All products are shipped from tea growers in Asia, therefore we suggest you buy a number of teas or a slightly bigger volume per time. 

Shipments can be traced and take between 5 to 15 days till they arrive. We will send you an invoice and the price will also be written on the package. If your country requires import fees or other taxes, then you're responsible for this. 

Once shipped, we will send you an email or sms with the tracking code. 

Wuyuan Black Tea Area

Wuyuan Black | Natural Black Leaf Tea


Wuyuan Tea Farm

The Shui Zhi Lan tea professional cooperative is located in Shuilan Town of Dazhangshan village of Wuyuan county of Jiangxi province. The Town is located on one of Wuyuan’s highest mountain ranges. Most of the tea gardens are located at an altitude of 400 to 800 meters, perfect for growing high quality green and black teas. With the mountains covered by clouds and fog almost daily and the tea gardens surrounded by broadleaf trees, you know already how good this tea can be. And these tea gardens are isolated, far away from any city. From Wuyuan County it takes about one and a half hours by car to reach our village, all the way up the mountain, then it takes another one and a half hours to climb the mountain all the way up to our 800 meters high tea garden.

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Tea Master Zhan

This tea is processed by Tea Master Zhan and his father. Black tea is an oxidized tea - it is refined by withering, rolling (cutting), oxidizing, drying and so on. Because of its dry tea color and dark tea soup, it is known as black tea. In China black tea is actually red tea, since this colour describes good quality 'black' tea better. However, average quality could be indeed black.

The warm climate, rich vegetation and biodiversity, provide an excellent ecological growing environment. Shuilan produces only high quality tea. The taste is sweet, with a unique natural flavor, popular with many customers. If you know the area we are based in (corner of Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi) and are familiar with black teas, then you will recognize the local terroir.

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Wuyuan Black Tea

Shuilan Black tea is the new representative of Wuyuan Black tea. Black tea from our biodiverse tea mountain, unique in flavour and fragrance. From the same tea cultivar as our green teas and picked before the Guyu festival. The unique terroir of this area can be recognized when drinking this black tea. Afterwards you will be able to tell whether a tea is from Wuyuan and what the difference is with other non-natural Wuyuan teas (chemical tea). Considering all these amazingly perfect circumstances for high quality tea.... the price of this tea is regarded as low. An great opportunity for all tea drinkers.

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Steeping Instructions

Use water just below boiling temperature, and chose between the kungfu way or Easytea preparation. We suggest to use a Gaiwan made from porcelain because it will enhance the colour and give you moments of a variety of different fragrances. Moreover, the fragrance of this tea stays lingering in your cup due to the porcelain material, a quality glass doesn't possess.

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Changing the world of tea

Order Teazaar tea and contribute to changing the world of tea. Drink natural tea while changing the world. Good tea is a combination of a natural, biodiverse environment and experienced tea masters. 


A tea tree cannot survive alone and needs other trees, flowers, even animals to survive. Biodiversity makes an ecosystem resilient.


Any tea farm on teazaar is selected based on our standard for sustainable tea. Only when all tea drinkers drink natural tea, the tea world will be sustainable.

Fair trade

When we buy natural tea, directly from biodiverse tea farms, the tea world will be fair. At that time we don't need licenses anymore. Money will be paid for quality only.